Sample Programs

Each student’s curriculum is built around his/her Learning Styles, including interests and talents, plus career and life goals.


“Student A” is in 7th grade. His main interests are video games, battles of the world, outdoor activities, Legos, problem solving, and cooking. His top Dispositions are Inventing and Performing. His top Modalities are Visual-Print, Hands-On, and Auditory-Listening. His top Talents are Interactive-Animals, Interactive-Nature, Interactive-Self, and Humor. This is his 7th grade curriculum:

Language Arts

  • Writing: LearningSuccess Program
  • Reading: topics of interest, including comedy (analyze, discuss, memorize dialog)


  • Book: A Mathematical Mystery Tour by Wahl
  • To memorize multiplication facts – LearningSucces Link-Up Program
  • Also try games and having him create his own multiple choice quizzes


  • Consider lessons – he is a natural at mimicking or re-enacting anything


  • Videos, LARK program, European Martial Arts (includes chivalry, social skills)

Science: reality science, engineering topics, cooking

  • Myth Busters, How Things Are Made
  • Good Eats Cooking Show on Cooking Channel


  • Trampoline, European Martial Arts/Sword Play


  • Video Games: role playing and strategy games
  • Board Games: strategy games
  • Crafts: for role play

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