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This is a program for parents who want more for their children than rote busy work and irrelevant courses; who want their children to truly learn what they need to know to pursue their goals and be successful in their adult lives; who want their children to have a premier school experience.

  • WE IDENTIFY students’ strengths and customize for their learning and life needs.
  • The whole program is STUDENT CENTERED rather than curriculum and requirement centered.
  • We have chosen to NOT BE HAMPERED by public school accreditation—we are free to develop our programs to meet each student’s learning needs.

The graduates of today need to:

  • be forward thinkers and expand their visions of what’s possible
  • adapt to our rapidly changing world
  • be well versed in technology, communication, and social networking
  • be financially literate
  • have confidence in their own talents and skills

Instead, your kids are suffering in our one-size-fits-all classrooms. Too many students are getting the message that they are not smart enough, not motivated enough, not talented enough to pursue something worthwhile after graduation. It’s no wonder that the latest figure for the high school drop-out rate in California is 21.7%. Of those students who do graduate and go on to college, about 50% drop out during the first two years.

Too many students have no direction, do not know what they want to do with their lives, and lack the self-confidence or the skills to either make it in higher education or to have a successful career. This country is experiencing a crisis in education and in the job market. And in the midst of it your child is still being forced to do useless busy work and memorize facts that can easily and quickly be looked up with any computer or smart phone.
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Your child can receive a premier, personalized, education, one that truly prepares him/her for work and life success after graduation—NOW!

This is what the experts from education and business are saying:

“We are heading to an era in which schooling will change profoundly. The teacher will not be the talking head at the front of the classroom but the expert in students’ learning styles, the educational equivalent of a medical doctor. Children will no longer be grouped by age. Each student will advance at his or her own pace… through individualized tutorials.”
-Arthur Levine, President, Teachers College, Columbia University

“Teachers and schools should encourage critical and creative thinking. The future of our country and their success will depend on their ability to be innovative, entrepreneurial, and even visionary.”
-Daniel H. Pink, author, writes and speaks about the changing world of work

“The future belongs to those who can see possibilities…and who know what to do with them.”
-Donald Cooper, MBA “thought leader” and a passionate visionary in the areas of marketing, service and business excellence