Dawn Belden

dawnDawn Belden-Boughey is a Master LearningSuccess™ Coach certified by the LearningSuccess™ Institute. She has worked with families and children for over 10 years. She supports families to help their children reach their educational goals and personal dreams. She is a certified Montessori School teacher and has a background in Waldorf Education. She is also skilled in parenting education and support, goal setting, customizing curriculum, and Non-Violent Communication.

Here is what Dawn would like you to know:

“More than anything I believe that each child has an inner brilliance. That spark is there. That little seed is there–the seed of potential that lives in every child. I want to inspire families to think differently–to challenge their thought patterns–to shift their thinking, so they can respond to their children for the unique people that they are. I want to help parents find the way to water each seed–we just have to figure out what that seed needs to grow. And then it will grow. I want to be a part of the creative process that inspires your children to bloom.

I am very committed to every family I work with. I am enthusiastic and compassionate and I provide you with tools and resources that help you

  • teach through your child’s strengths
  • build their skills and knowledge
  • create personal learning goals
  • stay focused and on track
  • coach for learning-success™

I’m looking forward to exploring the world with you and your children!”

Dawn lives in Southern California with her husband and two children. She loves to travel and her hobbies include animals, nature, art, and music.

Dawn is available for:
Private Consultantions
Personal Coaching
Customized Learning Programs

Contact Information:
805-640-1283 or 805-640-0072