Michelle Muntz

michelleMichelle Muntz is a Master Learning-Success™ Coach, certified by the Learning-Success™ Institute. Michelle is one of a select group of people trained to customize curriculum as a Learning-Success™ Coach. She has worked with hundreds of families to tailor the educational experience of their children to match their unique Learning Style needs. In fact, Michelle’s remarkable educational philosophy and expertise have helped change the lives of hundreds of young people.

Many of Michelle’s students are characterized as “learning disabled” or uninterested in the learning process. Parents are often discouraged and convinced that an education is unattainable for their disenfranchised children. With a goal for all her students to find their passion in life and become lifelong learners, Michelle assists these families in providing meaningful, enriching learning experiences that address the emotional as well as the academic needs of their children.

Born and raised in Southern California, this genuine pioneer of alternative education was instrumental in developing a now nationally recognized local home schooling network. Her 20 plus years of teaching experience cover the entire spectrum from preschool classroom teacher to K-12 independent study / home school instructor. In addition to working with families, Michelle is also a personal Life Skills Coach, a Consultant for Educators, and she is currently conducting goal setting and motivation workshops.

Michelle currently resides in Chatsworth, California with two of her four children, a dog, a cat, a guinea pig, and two toads. She enjoys brisk walks and is an avid reader. Some of the books found on her crowded shelves include, as you might guess, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Who Moved My Cheese?, and Life Strategies .

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