Solimar Academy is registered as a Private School through the R-4 affidavit process in California.


Dawn Jackson, M.Ed
Director/Educational Coach and Speaker

Dawn Jackson is a certified teacher with a credential in Multiple Subjects, Special Education, and a certified LearningSuccess Coach. She is an advocate for children with special needs and an Education Specialist for children who have experienced trauma in the learning process.

Her homeschool journey began over 20 years ago as a homeschooling mother and a creator of curriculum. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Special Education with an emphasis in Learning Styles. She has worked with homeschooling families for over 30 years teaching parents to understand the way their children learn and how to support them at home.

Dawn is a speaker at various homeschool conventions and workshops. It is her goal to bring her 35 years of educational experience to strengthen families in their journey across the nation to homeschool with joy and humor.

Dawn understands the immense pressure and costs it takes to find the best curriculum based on a child’s interests and strengths. She offers support to families first with understanding their children’s Learning Styles and Dispositions (and their own), through an online Power Traits assessment and then taking them through the process of creating a personalized learning plan. Dawn offers personalized coaching outside of Solimar Academy as well as for any family interested in understanding their child’s unique personality and learning language.

Dawn believes that education should be focused on a student’s real-life talents in preparation for the life he/she was created for. She believes a program that is customized to learning styles and natural talents and interests is the most powerful of all—students are best served when they are encouraged to explore and pursue career paths that are exciting and meaningful to them. Her own three children benefited from this approach and were inspired to pursue their strengths and interests.

For thirty years Dawn observed and supported children that suffered from learning trauma and depression due to their learning differences. It was a challenge to teach children that viewed themselves as misfits, with their natural learning curiosity shut down. After coaching them through the process of understanding their personal learning styles, dispositions, and natural interests, motivation to learn was stimulated and more open.

Over 10 years ago Dawn was mentored and certified by Mariaemma and Victoria, founders of LearningSuccessTM Institute and Solimar Academy. The training changed her own perception of how she saw her personality and learning style and inspired her to pursue her interests in art and in educating adults and children to self-advocate for their learning needs.

Today Dawn is the proud owner and director of Solimar Academy, an Education Consultant, Speaker, and Coach. Please contact her directly for speaking engagements or coaching for your homeschool pod or online workshops at dawn@solimaracademy.com