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We at Solimar Academy understand that homeschooling can be a challenge and even more difficult when your child has been labeled with a “learning disability”.`. If your child has been diagnosed as having a “learning disability” or you suspect a “learning disability” understanding your child’s learning needs through a learning style’s approach will help you to see that your child’s unique style is that child’s gift. It is our goal at Solimar to give you peace of mind about your child’s unique learning style.

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Children are labeled motivated and smart when they come to school with the intent of following the rules and having a focus on being ready and eager to learn. But students that display other attributes are considered a concern to the teacher and often are labeled slow, unmotivated, immature, disruptive or lazy. If problems continue they are usually referred to testing to find out if there is a learning disability.

All children arrive at school prepared to learn. Its just that they arrive eager and ready to learn different things in different ways, based on their own unique “hardwiring.” With the Learning Style Model there is no need for testing and labeling: determining one’s learning style is what is important.

Each student is unique, having different strengths and weaknesses and different learning styles. Learning styles aren’t garments that kids can put on and off, their learning styles are who they are. We believe that if children are labeled because their brains do not operate the way our educational system wants them to, we will continue to speak the idea that millions of brands are not as good as other brains and perpetuate lifetime patterns of low self-worth, which affect future learning, career opportunities and relationships.

At Solimar, with the Learning Style Model of looking at a child we ask; What are this child’s strengths? What are his/her interests? What makes them shine? What are they curious about? What can we do to give him/her a great learning experience. WE know there are real challenges in learning for children who struggle with dyslexia or ADD-but the Learning Styles Model understands that most children who are dyslexic are picture learners and Children with ADD need to MOVE to learn.

“I asked them to do one thing for me: Please don’t label kids because we are all “gifted,” “average,” and “Slow” depending on the task at hand.

-Harry W. Forgan, expert from Discover Your Child’s Learning Style

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