At Solimar Academy, we identify student strengths and customize for their learning and life needs. All of our programs and products are meant to facilitate the development of an education that fits for each individual. Programs are student centered rather than curriculum and requirement centered.

We understand that families have different needs and expectations for homeschooling. We offer several different programs for K-8 and High School,  so you can choose what will work best for your family. We also offer post-high school Transition programs and Adult Diploma programs.

All programs include:

  • A Self-PortraitLearning Style Profile for enrolling students
  • Enrollment Consultation for each student
  • Customized School Year Plan that fits student’s learning styles
  • Coaching Sessions with your personal LearningSuccess™ Coach

Program possibilities include:

Computer programs, videos, audio tapes, hands-on materials, internet, workbooks, textbooks, unit studies, games, field trips, community projects, work experience, travel, community classes, college courses, youth group activities, volunteer experiences, church school programs, 4-H activities, scouting badge programs, starting a business, tutoring others

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