Grades K-8

Is traditional school the best place for your K-8 child?

Caution! This program is not for everyone. Complete the Solimar Suitability Checklist to help you determine whether Solimar Academy would be a good fit for your family.

We are a non-accredited private school registered in California. Fees and program details.
Solimar Suitability Checklist

What makes us different from other homeschool/independent study programs?

  • We follow the LearningSuccess™ Model of Education!
  • Enrolling families take A Self-PortraitLearning Style Profile
  • Academic programs are customized to fit your child’s learning style needs
  • Students are encouraged to develop their natural Talents and Interests
  • Students begin career exploration in first grade
  • Subjects are integrated for more efficient learning
  • Students learn “how to learn” rather than spending hours doing busy work and endless worksheets
  • Families are assigned a LearningSuccess™ Coach certified by the LearningSuccess™ Institute
  • Parents learn to coach their children for LearningSuccess
  • We are a California-registered private school and we award high school diplomas

Curriculum Choices

  • Curriculum possibilities are endless!
  • Programs are customized to meet the needs of students and their families
  • Students choose major areas of interest each year
  • Students are encouraged to explore and pursue career paths

Curriculum choices include:

Computer programs, videos , audio tapes, hands-on materials, internet, workbooks, textbooks, unit studies, games, field trips, community projects, work experience, travel, community classes, college courses, youth group activities, volunteer experiences, church school programs, 4-H activities, scouting badge programs, independent studies, tutoring others

What about learning disabilities?

With the LearningSuccess™ Model of Education, most students can shed the labels, including those who are “severely” dyslexic or ADD. When students start this program, they start over! We bring out the star in every child!

  • Programs are customized based on students’ talents, skills, and interests
  • Skills in weak areas are taught through the students’ learning styles
  • We nurture the natural abilities of our potential Einsteins, Picassos, Mozarts, Emily Dickensens, Bill Cosbys, Marie Curies, Babe Ruths, Maya Angelous, Sally Rides, Julia Childses

Goals of the LearningSuccess™ Homeschool/Independent Study Program

  • Develop natural talents & interests
  • Develop communication and problem solving skills
  • Increase confidence and motivation for lifelong learning
  • Help students discover their direction / mission in life
  • Develop goal setting and planning skills
  • Develop money management and other life skills
  • Prepare students for productive adulthood

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