High School

Is traditional high school a good fit for your teen?

Caution! This program is not for everyone. Complete the Solimar Suitability Checklist to help you determine whether Solimar Academy would be a good fit for your family.

We are a non-accredited private school registered in California. Fees and program details.
Solimar Suitability Checklist



How is high school preparing your teen for life in the 21st century?
Is your teen focusing on his/her career and life goals?
Does the program integrate technology, communication, financial literacy, personal development, and business skills?
Is your high schooler fully engaged in a relevant curriculum?
Is he/she confident about his/her strengths and talents?
Are you longing for a customized program that meets YOUR teen’s learning needs?

Are you looking for a Public School Alternative?

Wishing for another option? Your search is over.

Imagine a high school experience that:

  • delivers exactly what your child needs to be successful in the world
  • is personalized to his/her learning styles, interests, passions, talents
  • is focused around career interests and life goals!

A place where:

  • instead of being stressful, learning is enjoyable and motivating
  • instead of labeling students with learning disabilities, we find their strengths
  • instead of resisting school, students are eager to participate

Solimar Academy is that high school!

A Personalized High School Education – Worldwide

This is a program for parents who want more for their children than rote busy work and irrelevant courses; who want their children to truly learn what they need to know to pursue their goals and be successful in their adult lives; who want their children to have a premier high school experience.

Have you asked yourself these questions?

  • Will my child be prepared for the rapidly changing, highly competitive job market of the future?
  • Is my high schooler being encouraged to think creatively and flexibly or is she inundated with endless, boring, rote busy work?
  • Is my high schooler being challenged to think big or is he drowning in a sea of required courses he will never use?

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