Adult Diploma

High School Diploma for Adults

Have you been wanting to get your high school diploma?
What is holding you back?
Are you afraid it will be just like high school?

Give us a call at 805-648-1739 — we specialize in customizing a program that is just right for you!

What makes us different from other programs?

  • We follow the LearningSuccess™ Model of Education!
  • Enrolling students take A Self-Portrait™ Learning Style Profile
  • Programs are customized to fit your learning style needs
  • Students are encouraged to develop their natural Talents and Interests
  • Career exploration is included when appropriate
  • Subjects are integrated for more efficient learning
  • Students learn “how to learn” rather than spending hours doing busy
    work and endless worksheets
  • Students are assigned a LearningSuccess Coach certified by the
    LearningSuccess Institute

What about learning disabilities?

With the LearningSuccessModel of Education, most students can shed the labels, including those who are “severely” dyslexic or ADD. When students start this program, they start over! We bring out the star in every student!

  • Programs are customized based on students’ talents, skills, and interests
  • Skills in weak areas are taught through the student’s learning style
  • We nurture the natural abilities of our potential Einsteins, Picassos, Mozarts, Emily Dickensens,Bill Cosbys, Marie Curies, Babe Ruths, Maya Angelous, Sally Rides, Julia Childses

Adult Diploma fees and registration

We are a non-accredited private school registered in California.

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