Personalized Homeschooling in Small Groups To Meet Your Family’s Needs. 

Solimar is a program for parents who want more for their children than rote busy work and irrelevant courses; who want their children to truly learn what they need to know to pursue their goals and be successful in their adult lives; who want their children to have a premier high school experience. And Solimar’s small in-person homeschooling groups help your child maintain socialization and unload the burden of homeschooling from you.

Have you asked yourself these questions recently?

  • How can I ensure my child isn’t falling behind academically?
  • Is my child being encouraged to think creatively and flexibly or is she inundated with endless, boring, rote busy work?
  • Is my child being challenged to think big or is he drowning in a sea of required courses he will never use?
  • Will my child be prepared for the rapidly changing, highly competitive world of the future?


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