Sample Programs

>Each student’s curriculum is built around his/her Learning Styles, including interests and talents, plus career and life goals.

In addition, courses in personal development, life skills, financial literacy, fitness, communication skills, and practical writing will be included.


Alec is in 11th grade. His passions are ecology and the environment. He founded Kids Versus Global Warming when he was 12. He gives presentations all over the country about climate change and is planning an event called iMatter March for Mother’s Day.

Alec’s top Dispositions are Inventing, Thinking-Creating, and Performing. His top Modalities are Visual-Picture, Auditory-Listening, Hands-On, and Whole Body. His top talents are music, word-language reasoning, interactive-self, humor, interactive-nature, and spatial. This is his 11th grade curriculum:

Environmental Studies Internship & Project, including government and law
Social Science of persuasion, change, & marketing
Philosophy/World Views

Guitar and Drum – online lessons

Graphic Design/Media:
Website and social media development
Blog/Journal about his research, experiences, events, internships

Foreign Language:
Spanish – Rosetta Stone

Sample Curriculum #2

Allie is in 9th grade. Her areas of interest are fashion, dance, and music. She also enjoys history through literature. Her top Dispositions are Performing and Producing, her top Modalities are Auditory-Verbal, Writing, and Visual-Picture. Her top Talents are Interactive-Others, Interactive-Animals, Humor, Music, Spatial. This is her 9th grade curriculum:

Career Exploration:
Cool Careers for Dummies by Marty Nemko
Optional: College Without High School by Blake Boles
Begin exploring opportunities in your areas of interest: hair, fashion, personal stylist, band (piano/singing)

Dance- Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary – 3 1/2 hours per week
Baseball for fun – 1 hour per week

Piano lessons

Personal Development:
Learning Style Elective Course for Students

LearningSuccess Writing Program Part 2

Social Studies:
World History through biographies
Royal Diaries series and similar biographies

Social Studies/Cooking:
Cultures Around the World
Usborne Internet Linked World Cookbook

Consumer Math / Basic Math
Choose workbook

Science: Rocks/Minerals/Gems
Bible Study
Volunteer Work
Check out opportunities with

Sample Curriculum #3

B is in 9th grade. Her main interests are drama and music. Her top Dispositions are Relating/Inspiring and Performing. Her top Modalities are Auditory-Verbal, Sketching and Whole Body. Her top Talents are Interactive, Animals, Humor, Life Enhancement, Math-Logic Reasoning, Spatial, Interactive-Others, Music. This is her 9th grade curriculum:

Career Exploration:
Text- Cool Careers for Dummies by Nemko

Dance lessons
Voice lessons
Piano lessons
Acting lessons/drama

Dance, horseback riding, walk in morning, fitness center

Personal Development:
Learning Style Elective Course for Students

World History:
Choose videos, books of interest, internet research
Create scrapbook

Writing Skills:
LearningSuccess™ Writing Program Part 1

Other interests to keep in mind:
Photography, cooking, fashion, design, art, animals