Solimar Academy is a Private School Program that offers online or in-person support for students K-12th grade. Our staff of credentialed teachers and specialists create a customized learning plan tailored to each child’s learning style and disposition.

Dawn Jackson M.Ed has over 30 years of experience in education. She is the owner and director of Solimar Academy with credentials in General education, Special Education, and a certified Learning Styles Coach. Dawn is passionate about coaching and equipping parents to find the best learning environment for their children. Dawn is available for homeschooling speaking engagements.

Dawn’s services and expertise include:

  • Creating programs that are customized to your child’s learning style and personality through an online assessment.
  • Weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly coaching sessions for children and parents.
  • Creating and organizing parent-led or teacher-led Coop and Learning Pods.
  • Filing Affidavits, keeping and creating records, report cards, transcripts, and diplomas.
  • Identifying the best curriculum and program for varied levels (including special needs), learning styles, and personality types for your children.

Dawn offers coaching and consulting for families interested in starting their own program or who need support in picking the right curriculum.

Dawn is available for consultations at 661-433-7809, or you can email her at



Practical Solutions for Independent Schooling

Solimar Academy is a premier independent study program for students. Our current students are focusing on their interests in fashion, cooking, engineering, drama, the arts, and many other areas. Their programs can include internships, work experience, volunteering, or even starting a business. Skills in areas such as writing or math are included as needed and in ways that work for their learning styles. Life skills, fitness, and financial literacy are also emphasized.

A big part of a learner’s program is to explore learning styles, identify career goals and find ways to get there, whether the route is through a vocational program, community college, university, or starting a business.

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