What is Unique about our Program?

As an experienced homeschool ma ma and a credentialed teacher, I was always interested in finding ways to keep my children and students interested and motivated to learn. In my masters degree program, I focused on learning styles and special education and quickly realized the importance and value of knowing how your child engages with the world and takes in information.

Years later, I became the proud owner of Solimar Academy, an online private school for families that home school. It is an umbrella school where we keep the records and guide the students in their studies through first an online assessment then create the learning plan for the student that is specific to their personality and learning styles. What I love most about our program is the 1:1 support that we give the parents. Our students learn in many different ways and our strength is that we are able to match the correct curriculum to the students and also to coach the parents in the challenges they face. 

Along with personal coaching, I am speaker and enjoy working with Co-ops that need a new norm for working with students with unique learning styes. In one workshop I had a mom say to me, “Miss Dawn, if you were my teacher when I was in school, today I would be a rocket scientist, but instead they put me in a special education class.” Comments like these have changed my vision for homeschooling. I have learned through my parents just how hard this journey is and how often they feel left out and unsupported. At Solimar, we are working to change that, to be a part of changing children’s emotional intelligence  to captivate their hearts for learning and to help parents and other learning environments to see children through a new lens, the lens they are learning through.

If your interested in a conversation with me, please contact me, I would love to meet you!

With Gratitude, Dawn