When is The Best Time to Hire an Advocate For Your Child’s IEP?

Many parents call me when they feel as though they are not being heard by their child’s teacher, case managers or administrative staff. At this point their anxiety is often warranted and more than they can handle. Without realizing it they may have been bullied into relinquishing their rights and their dignity in the process, similar to what their child is also experiencing. At this stage their is uncertainty and they feel as though they are confused about the IEP process and their child’s educational rights. 

Obviously, this is a great time to seek counsel with an advocate and get their expert advice on the way to proceed. But the problem may be this is not the best time to contact an advocate. An advocate is someone who is experienced in the the special education process, knowledgeable of parents rights and has a real concern that the child is given the best educational experience that is rightly theirs. 

In my opinion, the best time to seek an advocate is when you learn your child is being considered for special services and or you are requesting such a meeting. All of your questions should be carefully considered and asked by the one person who is equally concerned as you are in the welfare of your child. 

Once the initial questions are answered it is then that you will have a greater understandings to wether or not you need more support in the beginning of the process or at a later time. At least you are well rounded and are prepared beforehand and not going into a meeting that can be very intimidating and confusing. 

A good advocate will help you to determine an educational plan that is best for your child with the following considerations: 

  • A basic understanding of terms and an explanations of disabilities being considered 
  • A simple layout of possible goals in academics, social/emotional or behavioral 
  • A clear idea of your child’s learning style, motivators, strengths and disposition. 
  • What your rights as a parent are and what not to tolerate. (stonewalling, lack of services, disrespect or demeaning behavior). 
  • A list of accommodation and how to pair them with your child’s learning style. 

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