Why is a Gap Year important for your graduate?

I wanted to share with you all that we at Solimar offer a gap year to our graduate students. In this time we have various resources that we share for helping the student launch into their best next steps.


What is Unique about our Program?

As an experienced homeschool ma ma and a credentialed teacher, I was always interested in finding ways to keep my children and students interested and motivated to learn. In my masters degree program, I focused on learning styles and special …

Learning to Find Us

Healing the Family through Understanding Personality Differences and Learning Styles

When I was a little girl of 5 years, I remember finding the most joy in wearing my mother’s high heels. I loved the clickety-clack sound those pointy heels made …

5 Benefits and 5 Challenges of Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning is the new buzz word in education. In a personalized learning system students learn at their own pace with structure and support in challenging areas. Learning aligns with interests, needs and skills and takes place in an engaging

The Difference Between Tutoring and Coaching

For many years I owned and operated my own tutoring center. My students struggled with certain troublesome subject areas that they could not master. Through many techniques and many trials, I would often get my students to at least pass …

Learning Styles – Why Should We Care?

We should care about Learning Styles because they affect every age level and every part of our lives. Your learning styles make up who you …