During this time of crisis,

We at Solimar Academy feel that it is our obligation to strategize and become a place of refuge and hope for all families, regardless if they are enrolled in our program or not. It is our passion to create community, not only among our own families, but for all families that are needing our support and expertise at this time of crisis.

We are now offering online support at a reduced cost, via Zoom, to families that are now facing the task of schooling their children at home.

As Credentialed Teachers and Specialists, we are offering face to face support, via Zoom, for all students K-12th grade. We have created packages tailored to your child’s specific learning needs. (i.e. daily tutoring in Math and Reading via Zoom or other options such as 2-3 hours per week tutoring, creating curriculum and daily support for kids to stay on track. Kindergarten Reading, Language Arts and Math classes via Zoom – 1:1 or small group. Social meet-up and Coaching for high schoolers to stay on track and connected. Special Education services/support in Language Arts, Reading and Mathematics are also available).

Parents we are offering a live- online course titled: Coaching Parents to School at Home. Email for dates and times: dawn@solimaracademy.com

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Rethink everything you know about Elementary & High School

Solimar Academy is a premier independent study program for students. Our current students are focusing on their interests in fashion, cooking, engineering, drama, the arts, and many other areas. Their programs can include internships, work experience, volunteering, or even starting a business. Skills in areas such as writing or math are included as needed and in ways that work for their learning styles. Life skills, fitness, and financial literacy are also emphasized.

A big part of a learner’s program is to explore learning styles, identify career goals and find ways to get there, whether the route is through a vocational program, community college, university, or starting a business.